Scraping is an age old technique that provides results that are difficult to match. This process is still used today on high end machinery to fit rotating members to bearing surfaces. Scraped surfaces are mated for contact and retain oil in the fine scrape marks in a way that ground surfaces cannot provide.

Heavymech are one of the few organisations in South Australia who have maintained the skills necessary to provide this service to its customers. This need has been driven by the demands that some of our customers have made of us for over 50 years.

Our scraping abilities are still utilised by a surprisingly wide range of customers in South Australia. Heavymech provides over 50 years experience in this field.

Our people have the expertise and patience to provide a high quality finish to the surface that will satisfy the sternest specifications.


  • Spindle carriers
  • Jaw crusher bearings
  • Mill bearings
  • Kiln bearings
  • White metal bearings
  • Bronze bearings

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